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Looking forward

Our program is founded on the classical liberal arts, a broad program that emphasizes the sciences, mathematics, and the humanities. Our broad offering has benefited our students and graduates immensely!

Sedes Sapientiae School students participate in every aspect of its foundational science program (Nature Drawing/ History of Development of Scientific Thought, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics). And, the payback of the general program has been great: An alumnus (class of 2018) has recently entered a pre-med program at a Catholic university on the east coast. Aside from the rigorous pre-med program, he now tutors fellow college students in the sciences, a job that requires skills including the art of conversation -- a hallmark of our classes.

But perhaps an even greater advantage our student grads have is the opportunity to use reason to argue truth both written and oral. The skill of deliberation coupled with the exposure to the classical principles of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful necessarily affect a person's desire for virtue. One alum (class of 2019) is a prefect at his college - a prefect being a person appointed to positions of command, authority, or superintendence. His experience and that of our students of the ever-discussion on justice, the nature of man, and the nature of God necessarily contributes to the formation of our students in striving to live a life of virtue.

Sedes as a whole has a solid academic formation because of their attention to the critical skills like reading, writing, and arithmetic. They focus on the fundaments. The education forms the character of the child not just academically, but spiritually, which is something we have struggled to find in other schools. (parent, class of 2023)